The activities of B2BI are emerging in ways that create a new expectation
for the scientific community from public and private funders
in particular on three major aspects:

Stimulate and Host Foundational Basic and Use-inspired Research and Education:

Research and related technology research that contributes to both improved understanding of fundamental earth system processes, adaptation strategies and practices and mitigation changes, all of which facilitates effective policy and decision making

Focus on Research and Education Efforts that are Explicitly Focused on Adapting to the Climate and Environmental Change:

A program that addresses these four elements that: (a) Improves the quality, accessibility, and usability of climate hazard and risk information essential to adaptation efforts, (b) Increases investment in adaptation-focused research, development, and demonstration from both governmental and private sources, (c) Develops the means to identify the public and private economic costs of adaptation, and (d) Strengthens policies and plans related to adaptation at all levels of society, and

Facilitate Research and Education that Supports Key Mitigation Realities:

The research and education community need to focus on use-inspired ways to reduce local GHG emissions to fulfill national emission reduction commitments. Further, focus aspects of use-inspired projects that have the potential to lead to economically viable renewable, alternate and/or more efficient energy systems, geoengineering or other adaptive technologies and practices that are socio-economically acceptable.

B2BI Calendar of Events

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Current Activities

Warm Sea Surface Temperatures in the Western North Atlantic

Seminar Series

As oceanic and coastal changes in the North Atlantic-Arctic Ocean are accelerating at rates exceeding those in other regions on the planet the B2BI Strategic Framework seminar series attempts to bring to light and discuss salient challenges in support of holistic comprehension.

March 24, 2021 15:30 UTC – AtlantOS – supporting the implementation of an All-Atlantic Ocean Observing System

April 28, 2021 15:30 UTC – Anne Christine Brusendorff, ICES:
Fisheries and other human activities…
Speaker: Anne Christine Brusendorff, ICES


There is a lot of information about the North Atlantic to Arctic Ocean region. Here we pull together links, publications and more to help you learn more.


From time to time, we put together workshops on various topics of interest to the region and our network. These workshops are composed of presentations coupled with discussions and actions plans.