AtlantOS Webinar Recording Available

The B2BI community would like to thank our speakers for our first seminar that was held on 24 March 2021. Martin Visbeck (GEOMAR, Kiel Germany), Isabel Sousa Pinto (CIIMAR, Porto Portugal), Sandra Ketelhake (KDM, Brussels office, Belgium), and Ann-Christine Zinkann (NOAA, USA) shared with us the exciting developments in observing the Atlantic Ocean through their coordination project AtlantOS.

The recording of the webinar can be found on our YouTube Channel and the slides from the presentation can be downloaded here.

Vision for AtlantOS:
A comprehensive Atlantic Ocean Observing System that benefits all of us living, working and relying on the ocean.

AtlantOS envisions a basin-scale observing system, sustainably resourced and efficiently operated to realize the ambition of a broad set of stakeholders and their need for ocean information. Specifically, it will connect scientists, policy makers, the private sector and civil society to articulate a fit-for-purpose system that delivers critical ocean information in a value-added context to address the range from data capture to end products and services.