B2BI Seminar: 24-Mar AtlantOS

Join us on March 24, 2021 15:30 UTC for our first B2BI seminar!

Join Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/99941885787?pwd=dWs0Y2t3aUx1clMreDlFR0ZDb2NDZz09
Meeting ID: 999 4188 5787
Passcode: 426871
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/ab7bCzlabK

Speakers: Martin Visbeck (GEOMAR, Kiel Germany),
Isabel Sousa Pinto (CIIMAR, Porto Portugal),
Sandra Ketelhake (KDM, Brussels office, Belgium),
Ann-Christine Zinkann (NOAA, USA)

Vision for AtlantOS:
A comprehensive Atlantic Ocean Observing System that benefits all of us living, working and relying on the ocean.

AtlantOS envisions a basin-scale observing system, sustainably resourced and efficiently operated to realize the ambition of a broad set of stakeholders and their need for ocean information. Specifically, it will connect scientists, policy makers, the private sector and civil society to articulate a fit-for-purpose system that delivers critical ocean information in a value-added context to address the range from data capture to end products and services.

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